Tiffway 419 Bermuda

About Tiffway 419 Bermuda

Tiff way Bermuda has a medium fine texture leaf. Tiff way is an excellent weed and disease resistant grass. It spreads faster than 328 Tiff green and is superior to 328 Tiff green and Tiff lawn. Tiff is used most commonly for fairways, tees, and athletic fields.

When cut 1 1/2" to 2" Tiff way 419 provides an excellent impact absorbing cushion on playing fields while resisting heavy traffic. Tiff way 419 was originally developed for golf course fairways, tee boxes and sports fields because of its ability to recover quickly from wear. Tiff way 419 must be grown in full sun and it may also be used in home lawns.

Tiff way 419 can be mowed either with a rotary or reel type mower. Tiff way 419 requires 2 or 3 fertilizer applications per year. Apply 1" of water every week during the fall and winter. Increase to a maximum of 1" of water every other day during the extreme heat of summer.

Turf Characteristics

419 Tiff Bermuda is a high-demand grass. Please call ahead before coming to pick up grass to ensure it is available when you get here.